My wonderful customers are the reason I’m a Top Rated Golf Instructor on both Google & Yelp with a 5 Star rating. Here are just some of their success stories:

“I don’t typically leave reviews but my experience with Frank has been nothing short of excellent! I tried for several years on and off to figure out golf on my own, but could have saved so much time by just taking a few lessons with Frank. He makes learning the game fun, easy and has a true passion for the game. Do yourself a favor and call him!…Curtis F.”

“Frank is a miracle worker!!!  I had a Chipping & Putting lesson with Frank, I had no idea you could learn so much in an hour. The best money I have ever spent!!!…Marilyn T,”

“What can I say, Frank is the master!  I have never hit my driver so consistently in my entire life!!! Just 20 minutes on the range with Frank and I learned more about my swing than I had learned in the previous 40 years with other instructors…Ron O.”

“Frank gets Results!!! Since I started taking lessons from Frank, I won my last 2 tournaments on the Golf Channel Amateur Tour. He is truly the Best Golf Instructor…Alex M.”

“In 3 months with Frank, I went from shooting 109 to shooting 82, 86, 88. The results speak for themselves. Not bad for someone 69 years old…Dennis L.”

“Frank did a very good job of instructing. In just 2 lessons, I went from shooting in the 80’s to shooting 75. At age 76, I did not think a golf instructor could help me as much as Frank did! …Doug G.”

“Frank truly is a miracle worker!!!  I went from shooting 88-90 to shooting 78. I have learned more from Frank in 4 lessons than I have in the last 4 years combined with other golf teachers. Just wish I would have found him 4 years ago. At age 66, I could not be happier…Bill B.”

“After a few lessons with Frank, I am just killing the ball. I have had more 300 yard drives in the last few months than I have all my years playing golf combined. Frank is worth every penny!…Dominic P.

“I have been working with Frank over the last few months and I can’t tell you how much my game has improved. Frank isn’t like most teachers – he doesn’t use any gimmicks or fancy gadgets to help your game, What he does is make things as simple as possible. He didn’t change my grip or extremely alter my swing but rather taught me simple golf fundamentals such as club path and face angle so that I knew exactly what was happening on all my shots, and what I could do to correct.

Aside from helping with my swing, Frank has really helped me on the mental side of the game. He has taught me to think positive and how to mentally prepare for each shot on the course so that the game is as easy as possible. I would highly recommend Frank to anyone looking to improve their game. His pricing is just about as reasonable as they come …Russell F.”

“Fun, engaged and concerned only about your satisfaction, I highly recommend Frank. He is engaging, positive and able to explain concepts clearly and concisely. And it’s obvious that your improvement and satisfaction truly matter to him. I will definitely be scheduling additional sessions. Added bonus: he made it fun, which is hard to do in 100+ degree heat!…Jason B.”

“Frank is an amazing instructor.  He is positive and encouraging and improved my putting and driving 100 % after one time of instruction for each area.  I am a complete beginner and I even got a par my first time golfing 18 holes.  He paces the lesson and truly understands how to teach golf, whether a beginner or experienced.  I highly recommend you give him a call…Carloline W.”

“Great teacher!!!  I loved Frank’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. He quickly diagnosed my issue in 5 minutes and after the first lesson I was thrilled. Without hesitation I would recommend using him!!!…Craig D.”

“I am a 5 handicap & I gave Frank just one shot to impress me. He did!!! And now I am setting up weekly sessions…Phil H.”

“My swing improved in just 15 minutes of my first lesson. I’ve had two lessons now and continue to improve. Frank is terrific!!!…Cathy D.

“Left or right handed call Frank. He works at making your experience enjoyable and yet at the same time he will improve your swing and game. As a left handed golfer I have had some very poor result’s from a lot of right handed teacher’s. But not Frank! His swing idea’s are simple but sound. If you work with him and stay with his idea’s you will get results!…Donnie K”

“My goal was to shoot in the 80’s. After just 1 lesson with Frank, and him taking me on the course and teaching me how to think my way around 18 holes, I shot my first 88! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You….James M.”

“Frank has been a tremendous help to both myself and my son Matt. He is great with kids!!!…Mike N.”

“My goal was to shoot in the 70’s, with Frank’s knowledge and help I finally did it. He really knows how to make it simple…George M.”

“My dad is amazing, with his help I got a full scholarship for golf to a Division 1 College, set 3 records my freshman year including being named an NCAA All American, and had 2 Holes-in-One by the age of 16. Of course my dad has 6 Holes-in-One!!!…Ariana M.”

“I have been taking my son for lessons with Frank, he is great with kids and my son Spencer who is 10 years old loves him. Thank You…Steve G.”

“-Frank is a great instructor, and I highly recommend him for beginners.
-Frank accommodated my girlfriend and I, for one flat fee. He was also extremely flexible in terms of setting up a session.
– I would hire Frank again in the future… Nick S..”

“Had a lesson with Frank and it was great. I learned and fixed things in a very short period of time, would highly recommend for any level of golfer… Brandtly S.”

“I just wanted to say it was a pleasure to meet and work with you. .. your techniques are simple and amazing to understand from minute one .. my short game is very good now and look forward to playing a round with you soon …Joe L.”

“Great first lesson! He quickly identified something to practice and work on to progress to the next step. I’ve already booked the next lesson…Aaron B.””

“Great Experience. Our 13 year old grand-daughter is learning so much from Frank! She is new to golf and we are excited that she is learning the correct form on putting, chipping and driving in the beginning! It will make so much difference in her game from now on! Thanks Frank for your simplified method and for being so encouraging to her!…Linda T.”

“Great Teacher!  My husband reached out to Frank for beginner lessons for me as a Christmas gift. I have never played golf before and until today, I wasn’t sure if I would even like it. My overall goal is to be able to hang out with my husband, get outside, and play a sport we both really enjoy. My first lesson was this morning and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since! Everything Frank described, demonstrated and guided me through was simple and most importantly enjoyable. I can’t wait for my next lesson and am excited to see where Frank can guide my golf game to!…Erin R.”

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